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File transfer times can be drastically reduced by representing the file data in a more efficient format before sending it over the transfer link. The new format is more compact than the original format and takes less time to transfer. After the data is received at the destination it is converted back to the original format completely and without any loss of data integrity. FCX is so effective at converting files to a compact format, that it can increase effective data transfer speeds up to 90% over LAN, WAN, modem, and ISDN links, resulting in much shorter transfer times and reduced network congestion. This means that a file that normally takes one hour to transfer would take only 6 minutes. Many companies have realized strategic benefits which allowed them to: Streamline central operations by having remote data available sooner Upload/download more data between headquarters and satellite locations in a given time window Transfer files successfully through networks which corrupt files sent using other products In addition these companies were also able to: Collect and transfer related files in one transfer operation Add security since only sender and receiver can read the data Send more and bigger files through email systems
How to save hours on file transfers