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Files on Linux, Unix, OpenVMS, and Windows computers can be distributed to other Linux, Unix, OpenVMS, or Windows computers using FCX and the appropriate FCX Self-Expand modules. FCX can be instructed to create a self-expanding file for a given platform by including the self= option on the FCX command line. When the self-expanding file is executed on the target system, FCX automatically converts files from the source system to an appropriate format for the target system. Example - Distribute files from a VMS Alpha system to an HP-UX Itanium system On the VMS Alpha system compress the files using FCX and specify /self=iu (Itanium Unix). Transfer the FCX file (vmsdata.fcxiu) to the target HP-UX Itanium system using FTP or use a shared network file system. On the HP-UX system expand the FCX file by executing it:
how to distribute files on OpenVMS, Windows, UNIX, and Linux