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OpenVMS files, other than text files, cannot be sent through email systems or downloaded through the internet because the OpenVMS file characteristics are stripped by the non-OpenVMS systems in the email or download path. This makes the files unusable at the destination OpenVMS system. OpenVMS files can be sent safely and reliably by using FCX to compress the files before sending them through the email system. FCX protects OpenVMS files as they pass through non-OpenVMS systems and restores the files completely at the receiving computer. Using FCX to compress OpenVMS files provides these advantages: Only one command is needed to compress the files on the sending computer Only one command is need to restore the files on the receiving computer No tricks are required, such as sending the file characteristics in a separate file or command procedure so they can be restored at the destination computer The files are a lot smaller and transfer faster
How to send OpenVMS files electronically